7 Natural Ways To Fix Frizzy Hair

There are many reasons for frizzy hair. They are affected by your hair texture, proteins, environment, and your hair care routine. However, the major cause of frizzy hair is a lack of moisture. You can find treatments that can help you get rid of hair frizz in a permanent hair straightening salon, however, you can also try home remedies that will give relief from frizzy hair.

Avocado Hair Mask

An avocado hair mask can moisturize and strengthen your hair resulting in less frizz and manageable curls.

You need:

  • One avocado
  • Half a tablespoon of honey
  • One egg
  • Three drops of rosemary oil

Mix all the items together and apply it to your hair. After that application, all you have to do is leave it for 20 minutes. When the time’s up, clean your hair with shampoo.

The moisturizing characteristic of this hair mask is due to the inclusion of honey in the ingredients. With the amount of honey, you can increase or decrease the level of moisturizing you want. If your hair is very dry, you can go with one tablespoon of honey in place of the half tablespoon instructed above.

Detox Your Hair

When often link frizz with dry hair. This is completely true and the major cause of frizz hair. However, another reason for frizzy hair is the buildup of minerals on the scalp. It can be due to using hard water or any other reason.

When there is enough buildup of minerals like iron and calcium, they act as a barrier and reduce the ability of hair to absorb moisture. Apart from the buildup of minerals, a buildup of a product does the same type of damage to the hair and make the hair dry.

You can use this hair detox home remedy once a month to remove product or mineral buildup.

  • Take one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two cups of warm water and mix them. This will act as a clarifying shampoo.
  • Apply the mixture to damp hair. Ensure that you’re applying it to the roots and the hair strands.
  • Later, use a conditioning shampoo.

Caution: Don’t use this detox method if you have sensitive skin because it can cause irritation. Moreover, this rinse can fade dyed hair.

Hot Oil Therapy

Using natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, and almond oil can give shine to your hair as well as restore moisture to get rid of dry and frizzy hair.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

Usually, pillowcases are made of cotton. Cotton has its benefits among other fabrics, but it is not beneficial for your hair as it dries your hair by absorbing the moisture from the hair. On the other hand, silk pillowcases don’t dry hair so you will wake up with less frizzy hair.

Another advantage of a silk pillowcase is that it doesn’t cause friction. Your hair slide and move freely. This results in less hair breakage and frizz.

Olive Oil And Egg Mask

Eggs have a high amount of protein and cholesterol. However, fewer people know that they have an enzyme that removes bacteria and unnecessary oil. On the other hand, olive oil can provide hydration to hair.

So, take an egg and one teaspoon of olive oil. Whisk the egg and add olive oil to it. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash hair normally to get moisturized, shiny hair.

Use Steam To Hydrate Your Hair

Hair that has high porosity can easily absorb moisture. However, hair types with low porosity have difficulty absorbing water. Mostly, water and any product sit on the strand and evaporates before it’s absorbed by the hair.

  • Wash your hair and apply a conditioner.
  • Use a shower cap on your hair and then wrap a towel on your head.
  • Steam your hair.

Use Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has protein, fats, and water which can effectively moisture your hair. This is the simplest method to remove frizz because you don’t have to add or mix anything.

  • Add half a cup of mayonnaise to a bowl and whisk it.
  • Apply to your hair.
  • Cover your hair for one hour.
  • Rinse your hair.


You can fix your frizzy and dry hair with the above-mentioned home remedies. Make sure you’re not allergic to the ingredients and follow the instructions. For permanently removing frizz until your hair grows out, visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville.

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