Why My Cooktop Gas Burner Won’t Light?

Gas cooktops are a popular choice for cooking meals in households. Even with the advent of more advanced cooking appliances, many people tend to prefer gas cooktops including the professionals. This means they have stood the test of time but sooner or later they will run into problems. Nothing is more frustrating than having a gas stove that simply doesn’t light up just when you need it the most. The best thing to do when your cooktop doesn’t work is to get an appliance repair technician inspect the cooktop.

Let’s take a look at some potential causes why the gas burners of your cooktop are not lighting along with their troubleshooting tips.

Clogged Gas Feed

If your gas cooktop burner won’t light, it probably means the gas line is clogged. To check this, turn the burner knob and check the sparks. Notice if you can smell the gas. If you can, it means either the gas supply is low or is clogged.

This is possible if the gas supply line has not been cleaned for many years. However, it is a very easy and quick fix. All you need to do is lift off the grates and take the burner cap off. Depending on the model and variant of the gas cooktop, you might need to consult the user manual to gain access and lift the burner out from the range top.

Check out the pin-sized hole in the back of the burner. This hole can get clogged with time and will need to be cleaned. Along with it, you should also check if the gas pipe itself needs cleaning. Using a needle or a toothpick, clean the hole to let the gas pass through freely. Your burner should now work fine.

Check The Spark Igniter Connections

If your gas cooktop burner fails to light up even after thoroughly cleaning the clogged gas feed, you will need to check the igniter connections to make sure they are secure. If your oven happens to be electric as well, you will need to turn it off first so that you do not receive a shock.

Take out the burner head and its wiring from the oven. Examine the connections and make sure there is no damage, cracks, or accumulation of dirt, dust, etc. There may be loose connections. Due to them, the ignitor may not be sparking and producing enough fire to light the burners.

Replace The Igniter

If you have cleaned the gas feed and checked the spark igniter connections and the gas cooktop burner still does not light up, it most probably means the igniter is faulty and will need complete replacement. The best way to make sure the cooktop igniter is faulty is by turning the light off and observing the color of the sparks coming from the igniter.

The flames should be cool blue-white. If that is not the case, it means the igniter needs replacement. You can either check the model number and get the exact replacement from the manufacturer or purchase it from a local hardware store.

However, keep in mind that igniters may look the same but are made to work with different models and variants. Once you have purchased the replacement, you can try replacing it on your own as well. Make sure to cut off all the electric and gas connections before doing it.

Replacing the igniter is not a complicated task. You will only require a screwdriver for the replacement. Grab the user manual and follow the instructions to remove and replace the new igniter.

Replace The Igniter Wiring Harness

You might come across a situation where just one or more burners are not lighting up. In this case, you will observe that some burners will light up as they receive sparks but others won’t. This means you should replace the igniter wiring harness. It is a common issue in both new and old gas cooktops if the liquid boils over and spills onto the wiring harness.

It can also be the turning shaft. It’s connected to the burner valve. It can get stripped with time. This can stop the burner from turning properly. To replace the igniter wiring harness, you will need to disassemble almost the entire cooktop depending on the variant.

Make sure the gas and electric connections are shut off and you have the right tools in hand. Following the user manual, remove the top panel and to see the wiring. Then again, depending on the make, model, and variant of the gas cooktop, it might have multiple wires running back and forth.

Using a screwdriver or some other appropriate tool, disconnect and remove the wires. Install the new wires and ensure the connections are strong. Try turning on the gas burner to see if it lights up. However, if your commercial cooktop malfunctions, take help from commercial appliance repair Northern VA services.

Do Gas Cooktop Burners Need Maintenance?

Yes, just like other household appliances, gas cooktops surely need maintenance to prevent malfunctions. Since gas stoves are used to cook and prepare meals, they are supposed to be covered with oil, spillovers, dirt, etc. However, they should not be left ignored.

Although gas cooktop are rigid appliances and will last several years if they are offered the care they deserve. There is a reason cooktop manufacturers recommend thorough cleaning and inspecting by an expert. Depending on the usage, a gas stove should be regularly inspected by the homeowners and periodically by an expert combined with cleaning and maintenance.

This is particularly important for commercial kitchens that rely on gas burners to cook food. As a restaurant owner, the last thing you would want is the gas burners not lighting up while the orders are stacking up.

Therefore, not only do the gas burners need to be cleaned and inspected by the employees, but they also need to have a proper maintenance schedule to prolong their life and keep things running smoothly.

Should I Repair Or Replace?

This is a common question asked by homeowners especially if it has been a while since they replaced their cooktop. If the current gas cooktop has spent years cooking meals for you and regularly experiences problems, you should think of replacing it. The reason is that spending money on repairs will not guarantee effortless performance in the long run.

If you observe that the expenses on repairs have come near or exceeded the actual value of the unit, you should replace it with a new unit. With time, the components inside the gas cooktop will weaken, and develop rust, cracks, and other issues that will lead to problems.

Therefore, to prevent complications down the road and save yourself some money, it is better to use that money to invest in a new gas cooktop.


Troubleshooting a gas cooktop burner is easy if you follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure that you inspect and maintain the cooktop properly. The best way to do this is by hiring a cooktops repair Springfield expert who will perform scheduled maintenance and carry out repairs as required. This ensures that your gas cooktop works efficiently and avoids problems down the road.

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