When Should You Use Crawler Cranes?

Crawler cranes are one of the most popular types out there possessing the versatility to perform in varying industries. These cranes are not only used for building and demolishing buildings but also for agriculture, cargo, and other tasks. So, let’s discuss the importance of crawler cranes and why you should rent them crane services for your future projects.

What Are The Applications Of Crawler Cranes?

Crawler cranes feature a unique design that allows them to work in all types of terrains and working conditions. This makes them not only popular but also the first preference for contractors. For instance, the construction industry utilizes a variety of cranes including crawler cranes.

When it comes to reaching high-rise buildings and demolition tasks, crawler cranes are the first that come to mind. These cranes are able to reach high altitudes with splendid stability allowing the team on the ground to get the job done in a timely manner with minimum risks involved.

In addition to that, crawler cranes have also been used in the oil and gas industry. These cranes possess the ability to handle weight up to 660 tons. Plus, considering the complex working environments, crawler cranes can easily get the job done. You can lift almost anything without having to worry about the crane dropping the load midway.

Finally, agricultural development is key to every country’s success. With difficult terrains to cover, crawler cranes have little to no issues overcoming hurdles. Although, agricultural terrains are not mountainous but quite uneven. However, crawler cranes are able to erect and work on facilities and structures without causing any trouble.

What Are The Functions Of A Crawler Crane?

Now that we have discussed the applications of a crawler crane, it is equally important to focus on the functions of crawler cranes that primarily make it one of the most popular crane types. To begin with, a crawler crane consists of a standard cab that is attached to a crawler undercarriage.

The position of the cab allows the operator to clearly see the situation on the ground as well as in the air. The most notable feature of crawler cranes is that it does not come with wheels but tracks. This allows the crane to handle even the most difficult terrains with the most stability.

In addition to that, it also comes with a cab that is 360 degrees rotatable. Another noteworthy feature of crawler cranes is they do not need to use outriggers to maintain or improve stability. The lattice boom is lightweight itself that allows several attachments without unbalancing the crane.

This means that crawler cranes have a hidden feature, which is efficient weight distribution. At the same time, these cranes can also reach and handle heavy loads making them stand out from the rest.

However, all that is also possible thanks to the team looking after the operations. Operating a crawler crane requires a team that is always on the lookout. From attaching loads to unloading, every step of the process is closely observed and communicated with the operator to ensure safe completion.

What Are The Advantages Of Crawler Cranes?

As mentioned earlier, crawler cranes have several advantages to offer. As mentioned earlier, crawler cranes come with tracks that allow them to move freely on any type of terrain. This offers the crane a huge advantage in terms of mobility and reaching difficult job sites.

Furthermore, crawler cranes can lift heavy loads with precision and control. As a result, these cranes are most suited to large-scale projects and also used for heavy machinery moving DC.

Next, crawler cranes are versatile in the sense that they are equipped with a variety of accessories and attachments. That said, these cranes can perform a variety of tasks in a single day saving both time and labor. And most, importantly, crawler cranes pack some very important and powerful safety features.

Since these cranes are huge and the working environments are usually tough, it is important for the operator and the crane to ensure maximum safety and security at all times. This is why, the cranes not only rely on the operator but are also equipped with a variety of features that prevent serious mishaps and accidents.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Crawler Cranes?

While crawler cranes have several advantages to offer, one has to count the disadvantages as well. As a start, crawler cranes are expensive to purchase and rent. This makes accessibility an issue for companies planning to hire such cranes.

Secondly, crawler cranes are huge and heavy. This makes transportation slightly difficult especially if the route is packed with traffic and narrow streets. On top of that, construction sites that are relatively several feet above the ground could also be difficult to reach.

Plus, crawler cranes have tracks installed that make it difficult to drive on roads and highways. As a result, these machines have to be loaded and transported to construction sites each time.

Finally, operating a crawler crane is an art in itself. Not everyone can operate it and some states require operators to have certain years of experience, certifications, and skills. Then again, this could be an issue for some workers and companies who cannot afford to spend time and money.

Do Crawler Cranes Require Maintenance?

Yes, crawler cranes like any other machine need regular maintenance to ensure smooth and safe operation. Depending on the usage frequency and the tasks performed, crawler cranes may require professional inspection and maintenance at least twice or thrice a year.

At the same time, state authorities also ensure the safety of the public and the surroundings by implementing laws that crane operators have to abide by. For example, crane operators are required to inspect the crane before operating it every single time.

If there are any leakages, cracks, or damages found, the operator will report it to the relevant authorities and maintain a record of the repairs and replacements. These records will then be shared with the state bodies to make sure the companies and contractors are following the law.

Otherwise, negligence has and can still cause severe accidents leading to extreme consequences.

Do I Rent Or Purchase A Crawler Crane?

In most cases, cranes are usually rented. Crawler cranes are not cheap to maintain let alone purchase. These cranes can cost millions of dollars. All that aside, the decision to hire or purchase depends on several factors such as the type and duration of the project.

If the duration is a few weeks or months, it is better to rent the crane. However, companies may also choose to purchase if they specialize in constructing buildings and carrying out similar projects.


Crawler cranes are not limited to just construction. They can be used for agriculture, oil, and gas projects with numerous advantages to offer. However, you will need to balance the disadvantages too. And perhaps the best way to do that is by defining your needs and purpose. This will help you make a wise decision considering the amount of time, effort, and money involved.

So, create a complete plan of your project and which cranes you need for the project before contacting a crane for rent VA companies.

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