Tips to keep your kitchen cabinets organized

Having an efficient kitchen is a priority for many homeowners. Nowadays, most people remain busy in their work lives and hence, they have limited time to cook. In such a scenario, organizing the kitchen as part of a condo remodel project is crucial.

kitchen improves cooking efficiency and makes it easy for one to manage time. But where to begin? You can probably save yourself a lot of hassle by starting from the cabinets. In this article, we put together the best tips to organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets

Essentially, organizing kitchen cabinets is a two-step process. It begins with decluttering the cabinets first, which involves throwing away everything that you do not need. The second step is to re-organize the cabinets and put together things that belong to the same category.

Confused? Do not worry, we will now explain these steps to you in detail.

Step 1: Reduce the clutter

Before you start organizing your kitchen cabinets, it is important to reduce the clutter. Take a deep look in your cabinets and pick out the items that are redundant or the ones that you rarely use. Put these redundant items in a separate cabinet or just throw them away.

It is important to declutter your cabinets one at a time. If you begin decluttering them all at once, you can end up in analysis paralysis, which will consume more time and energy.

When dealing with kitchen cabinets that contain food items, check the expiry dates of each item and throw away the ones that have expired or near their expiry date. Then gather the non-perishable items that you are not likely to use and donate them to your nearest foodbank. If the item is perishable, then consider using it quickly or just throw it away.

You can also sell some crockery items like spoons and utensils that you are extra. If you have no plans to put them to use, consider donating them or selling them. This can help increase the space in your cabinets noticeably.

Step 2: Organize the cabinets

Now that you have decluttered the cabinets, it is time to organize them properly. First of all, make sure that the items that you use regularly are in the front of the cabinet. So, put in the very back the items you do not use every day. For instance, you may bake once in a while. However, you are likely to use salt and sugar on a daily basis. So, put the jars containing the baking powder at the very back and salt/sugar in the front. Use this tip to organize all non-perishable and perishable food items in a single cabinet.

Next up, put all your crockery and appliances like kitchen dishwasher in a separate cabinet. Make sure that the items that you use regularly are easily and quickly accessible. Then, put all the small appliances in another cabinet.

The idea is to place all the similar items in a single cabinet so that you are not lost when it comes to accessing them on a daily basis.


By organizing your kitchen cabinets, you can significantly reduce your cooking time and save yourself the hassle of not being able to find items. Since most people nowadays are short on time, a well-organized kitchen can feel like a blessing in disguise.


If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or house soon, then let your home addition contractors DC know about your kitchen organizing requirements. You may need to design your cabinets and space in a way that makes organizing very easy. This will help you save a lot of time later.

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