Taking A Look At The Best Sunglasses For Men

Unlike before when women were known to be the only fashionable sex, men have upped their ante and it’s now common to come across a good looking, fashionable man on the street.  If you are one of the fashion conscious men and looking for fashionable sunglasses for men, here are some of the best sunglass styles that you should consider:

Wayfarer sunglass styles

While the style has been in existence since the 50’s, it was popularized by Tom Cruise in the Risky Business movie. The units were originally manufactured by Ray-ban, but other brands have entered the market. This makes it easy for you to get high quality Wayfarer sunglasses at an affordable price. When buying the units, consider the frame and lenses. When it comes to lenses, go for units that offer you the best protection for your eyes.

Aviator style

The style is iconic as it has been around since the 1930’s. While the style is common with women, it was originally designed for men; therefore, it’s easy to find manly designs. You can buy Ray-Ban sunglasses or other brands that often go at slightly lower prices.

Round frame sunglasses

They are a throwback to the 20’s and 30’s and are elegant when you wear them correctly. While you can buy them online, sunglass experts recommend that you buy them from your local store. This is to enable you to try a number of the glasses and choose the one that looks great on you.

D-frame sunglasses

When you look at them without being too keen, you may see them resembling Wayfarer, but on close examination you will see that they have a number of differences. The units are great if you have a round face as the lines of the glasses square your face thus minimizing the round look.

Tips to consider when making the purchase

Regardless of the style or brand of fashionable sunglasses that you buy, consider a number of tips for you to buy the right units. One of the things that you should consider is the size of your face. Avoid sunglasses with a frame that is too narrow for your face as it makes the sunglass arms stick out awkwardly. Also avoid units that are too wide as they make you look like you are hiding something.

For a great look, go for units that match your skin tone. For maximum protection to your eyes, go for polarized sunglasses.

Designer Sunglasses For Women

Since time in memorial, women have been known to be fashionable. One of the ways in which women are fashionable is by wearing fashionable sunglasses. To meet the huge demand for sunglasses for women, different designers have come up with different sunglass styles for women. Here are some of the top women designer sunglasses:

Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were originally designed for pilots. Pilots wore them to protect their eyes from sun and wind when flying. The units are characterized by thin, metal frames that provide some levels of stretching making them ideal for people with different head styles and sizes. To increase their robustness, they have large lenses and double bridge across the nose.

Ray-Ban is the first company that designed the sunglasses, but due to the popularity of the glasses, many other sunglass designers have come in and designed aviator sunglasses of different styles and sizes. Unlike Ray-Ban sunglasses that are expensive, aviator sunglasses designed by other companies are slightly affordable thus ideal for you if looking for beautiful sunglasses, but you are strapped for cash.

Cat-eye sunglasses

They rose to fame in the 1950s and were given their name due to their raised and pointed upper lens rim. They are loved by women as their designs are feline and feminine. The units are known for accentuating cheekbones thus giving you a classical look. You can find the units in stores stocking designer glasses, but there are also a number of stores that specialize in cat-eye glasses. If looking for the latest and unique designs these are the stores that you should consider shopping from.

Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are characterized by a simple design. They have a wide plastic frame that narrows around the rim of the lens. They come in different colors and patterns thus you have a wide range of options to choose from. The popular colors are plain black or tortoise shell.

Wayfarers were originally designed by Ray-Ban, and just like aviator sunglasses, other designers have imitated them and you can find them at slightly lower prices.


These are the most popular designer glasses among women. They come in different designs and colors and all you have to do is choose the ones that are ideal for you. When buying the units, ensure that you buy from a reputable sunglasses store. If looking for unique designs, buy your sunglasses from stores that only stock sunglasses from specific designers.

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