8 PPF Installation Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

Paint Protection Film most commonly known as PPF is the ultimate detailing and protection solution for new vehicles. It is not only expensive but requires special techniques and skills. However, some car owners tend to make silly mistakes just to save a few bucks. Let’s have some common paint protection film installation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Covering The Entire Car With PPF

One of the most common PPF installation mistakes is not covering the entire car. In most cases, this is done to save money but compromises the quality of the job. When opting for PPF, you should make sure to cover the entire car. Keep in mind that films are designed to bond together.

This means that the installation job will be a lot easier and have longevity if the entire car is covered. However, if you were to choose certain parts for installation, do not be surprised if the film starts to peel off after a while. In the long run, covering the entire car with PPF is going to have more significant benefits than frequently paying for replacements just because the film is not able to bond properly.

Not Choosing A Professional For Installation

As mentioned earlier, there is no doubt that PPF helps protect the vehicle from scratches and other minor damages but it requires special tools, equipment, and skills to cover the entire car. Paint protection films will only last as long if they can bond to the vehicle properly.

While searching for the right installer, you will come across many offering their services at a price lower than the market. You might be tempted to choose them just to save money but you will soon end up replacing the entire film. This is because a professional installer has years’ worth of knowledge and skills that will help install the film properly.

However, if you are opting for someone who is relatively cheap, it is most likely they do not possess the skills for PPF installation let alone the equipment and tools. Therefore, always choose a certified professional who will also offer you a warranty in case the film begins to peel off or bubbles form.

Using Low-Quality Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films are available in several different varieties just like the installers in the market. Paint Protection Films are not supposed to be cheap as they are made using special materials to prolong and protect the vehicle’s body. If maintained properly, a PPF will last up to 10 to 15 years.

However, if you choose a low-quality film, it will either begin to peel off or turn yellow. This is due to the quality of the film. High-quality films undergo quality inspection that allows them to withstand the test of time. To avoid such situations, choose a certified installer or retailer who is authorized to sell and install PPFs.

Failing To Prepare The Vehicle For PPF Installation

The life of a paint protection film depends on the installation and preparation of the vehicle. Before installation, the vehicle should be prepared meaning it will have to be thoroughly cleaned and get rid of contaminants. If that is not the case, the film will not properly bond to the body.

This is why you see experts spending hours preparing the vehicle before the film can be installed. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to remove contaminants that are not visible. In addition to that, the vehicle should be parked in a closed space free from dirt and dust.

If the vehicle is exposed to such external factors, do not expect the film to last that long. This rule applies to car window tinting Springfield as well. If the installation space is dusty, the installation will be improper and the tints may peel off.

Rushing The Process And Not Being Patient

Paint Protection Film installations take time depending on the type and size of vehicles. It might take a day or a few weeks to get a vehicle covered properly with a paint protection film. Some detailers to make more money rush the process which leads to poor quality.

Because PPF installations are not cheap, the customers are bound to be very conscious about the quality, particularly those who own expensive and unique vehicles. That said, rushing the process will make you miss out on very important details.

And if the film begins to trouble the owner, you are most likely to lose the customer.

Installing The PPF On Your Own

You might think that installing the PPF is an easy job and you can do it on your own at home. This is yet again another common mistake vehicle owners tend to make. As mentioned previously, installing paint protection films requires special tools, equipment, experience, and skills.

In addition to that, you will have to put a lot of time and effort into correcting and preparing the vehicle’s exterior. So, as long as you are willing to spend days and money on installing the PPF, you should be good.

However, keep in mind that you are bound to make mistakes and miss out on all of the details. This will directly or indirectly affect the life of the film. It might also lead to car paint damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a professional. The services are surely going to be expensive but help prolong the life of the film and avoid risks.

Not Allowing The Film To Cure

One of the reasons expert installation for PPF is recommended is because they have the tools to help the film bond properly to the vehicle before it leaves the workshop. Not many people are aware that paint protection films need to be cured, which means it should properly stick to the body of the vehicle.

For this, the experts thoroughly prepare the vehicle using the right tools and chemicals. Once the film has been installed, it will take a while to cure. Certified installers have UV machines that help cure the film. The curing process also depends on external factors such as weather conditions.

Paint protection films will take relatively less time to cure in summer than in winter. During the curing process, you cannot use the vehicle and will need to be protected from dirt and dust.

Not Lining The PPF Properly

Lining up the paint protection film is an important aspect of the process. The lining process differs based on the dimensions of the vehicle. Some installers tend to play guess and end up doing a poor job. Considering the pattern helps the installer properly line up the film.

If the case is otherwise, the film will create an undesirable effect and even lead to the formation of air bubbles that will eventually affect its longevity. The best way to ensure that you line up the PPF is by taking your time. Place the film on the surface and line it up properly before using a squeegee to remove the liquid solution.


PPF installation can do wonders if the job is done the right way. Choosing cheap quality films and amateur installers will only lead you to problems. Therefore, keep the tips mentioned in mind when it is time for you to get a PPF job done. Choosing an expert paint protection film installer Springfield will cost a bit, but will also guarantee longer lifespan of the PPF.

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